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BadNewsGoodNews is a limited edition collector's item. This unique vinyl record is made from 2020 newspapers with bad news about concerts being cancelled and clubs being closed. Yes, you read that right. The vinyl contains ashes of 2020 newspapers. As a symbol that music always overcomes bad times. As a metaphor that out of the ashes, our music scene will rise again. Diamonds are made under pressure, right? The tracklist contains 18 tracks of Belgian artists who are all waiting to hit te stage. The perfect record to celebrate freedom, once again. 

The compilation contains some exclusives like the Brihang & Compact Disk Dummies 'Steentje / I Remember' mash up, recorded live for 'Week van de Belgische Muziek' and Sam De Nef's cover of the belpop classic 'Satelliet Suzy' recorded for StuBru.


A1. Brihang & Compact Disk Dummies - Steentje / I remember (Live)

A2. Millionaire - Dig a Ditch

A3. Mauro Pawlowski - Spotlight

A4. Het Zesde Metaal - De Onvolledigen (feat. Stefanie Callebaut) (Live)

A5. Sam De Nef - Satelliet Suzy

A6. Hydrogen Sea - These Days

B1. School is Cool - Close

B2. STUFF. - Cumulus

B3. Flying Horseman - Flare

B4. Nordmann - Cascade(s)

B5. Faces on TV - Keep Me Close

B6. Willy Organ - Autostrade