RSD releases

The full 2020 list is available via our friends of Record Store Day NL via this link.

On this page, we will focus on Belgian releases from the long list of RSD titles.

We would like to recommend you to check our disclaimer at the bottom of this page and don't forget to get up early April 18.

Zjef Vanuytsel
BLP Records
50 jaar na het verschijnen van het debuutalbum van Zjef Vanuytsel zijn de twee meest geliefde nummers van de zanger voor het eerst verkrijgbaar op 7...
Aksak Maboul
Charles F. Bleistift EP (OUT JUNE 20)
Crammed Discs
This 7” EP follows the release of Aksak Maboul's new double LP 'Figures' (out May 22, 2020), which is the legendary...
Alpha & Omega meets The Disciples
Sacred Art Of Dub volume 1 (OUT AUG 29)
Mania Dub
Music Mania and Indica Dubs is proud to present the 17th: The Sacred Art Of Dub! Featuring two of the UK Dub top legends and pioneers, Alpha &...
Alpha & Omega meets The Disciples
Sacred Art Of Dub volume 2 (OUT AUG 29)
Mania Dub
Music Mania and Indica Dubs is proud to present the 18th release: The Sacred Art Of Dub! Featuring two of the UK Dub top legends and pioneers, Alpha...
Bolt Ruin
Obriultn - Compilation (OUT JUNE 20)
A destructive compilation curated by BOLT RUIN. Will be released on Record Store Day 2020 through Consouling Sounds electronic imprint Circuits. BOLT...
Mr. B. (OUT AUG 29)
Tidal Waves Music
4x7inch BOX (OUT JUNE 20)
Music Mania
Anja / Lieve Kleine Piranha / Soms Vraagt Een Mens Zich Af / Wacht Niet Te Lang 4x7inch BOX
Het Zesde Metaal
Stempel / Slaven van Het Leven (OUT JUNE 20)
Unday Records
The A side has two tracks from the latest Het Zesde Metaal album ‘Skepsels’ that didn’t make it on the vinyl version. The B side has an etching from...
Isbells (OUT JUNE 20)
June 20th 2020 will see the long-awaited re-release of Isbells’ debut album on vinyl. The lemon icecream coloured vinyl limited edition (300) will...
Loleatta Holloway
Cry To Me (OUT AUG 29)
Tidal Waves Music
Out of print on vinyl since 1975, FIRST official vinyl reissue since 1975. 1 x LP 1. Cry To Me 2. I Know Where You’re Coming From 3. The Show...
Marble Sounds
Traces/Recast (OUT JUNE 20)
Two years after "The Advice to Travel Light", Marble Sounds will be releasing two new EPs in 2020, each of which will be released digitally and also...
Maurits Pauwels
Tien Toppers Uit Trinidad – En De Benelux Calypsos (OUT JUNE 20)
Music Mania
Peuk/Head On Stone
Peuk/Head On Stone split (OUT JUNE 20)
FONS / Sonic Rendezvous
Peuk was the Belgian punk-rock revelation of 2019. The debut album has become a cult classic, and the band performed at festivals like Pukkelpop and...
Giant Shirley (OUT AUG 29)
Tidal Waves Music
2 x 2XLP 1.Ain’t No Reason 2.Green And Yellow Daughter 3.Cry And Show Me 4.Hussein (I’m Lucky) 5.Forget Her 6.Get So Mad 7.Keep On Trying 8....
Tessa Dixson
Exclusive release compiling all of Tessa’s previous singles, available on vinyl for the first time
Thelonious Monk
Palais Des Beaux-Arts 1963 (OUT AUG 29)
Tidal Waves Music
FIRST time on vinyl (and on any format). 1 x LP 1.Bye Ya 2.Monk’s Dream 3.Drumsolo 4.Criss Cross 5.Epistrophy 6.Just a Gigolo
Various Artists
Bonzai Power Vinyl 1 (OUT JUNE 5)
Bonzai Records
We have another tantalising treat for you for Record Store Day 2020. We’ve dug into the archive and decided to bring you Bonzai Power Vinyl 1 on 2 x...
Various Artists
Bonzai The Mixtapes: Vol. 1 (Mixed by Bountyhunter) (OUT JUNE 5)
Bonzai Records
From the success of our very first release on cassette tape in 2019, we’re excited to present the next offering in the classic format. For Record...
Willy Organ
Jonge Plant (OUT JUNE 5)
541 / NEWS
Het debuutalbum van Willy Organ. A1. Willy Organ – Zonder Bomen (Ook Geen Takken) A2. Willy Organ – Zoeken Naar Mezelf A3. Willy Organ – De...
Wim De Craene
LIVE '78 (OUT JUNE 20)
BLP Records
Nooit eerder uitgebrachte liveopnames van Wim De Craene. Live 78 is het eerste live-album van Wim De Craene. Het album is voor het grootste deel...

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