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About us

From RSD Belgium we want to go back to the roots of Record Store Day.

On Record Store Day we celebrate the independent record store. On this day you can go to record stores to get special exclusive vinyl releases and attend in-store concerts.

We want to be a platform where this independent record owner can announce his RSD activities.
We also want to inform the many vinyl lovers, young and old as well as possible about the huge amount of RSD releases out there.

The international list can be found everywhere. On our website we like to focus on Belgian releases only.

Please visit our Facebookpagina, Instagram en Twitter.


John (volunteer html and drupal shizzle)
Santoshi (volunteer graphic design shizzle)
Diederik (volunteer communication shizzle)
Thomas C. (Alumni webmaster wizard of RSD website 1.0 and 2.0)

There are a lot of stores that participate in Record Store Day and are listed on this site. Those stores are all INDEPENDENT, which means not only are they not owned by a corporation, they aren’t run or influenced or told what to do by us here at Record Store Day either. They have complete control over their stock, store policies and which promotions they participate in. Any piece (commercial or promotional) that we tell you about on this site is available at some stores, but other stores have probably chosen not to carry them. Which is totally their prerogative. That’s why we tell you to be sure to CHECK WITH YOUR LOCAL STORE. Being mentioned on this site should not be taken as a guarantee that something will be available at all stores listed on this site.